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Thats So Epic

A graphics community for wiltd_blackrose

icons and other graphics
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Select Members , Moderated

-First and foremost: Welcome!
-thatssoepic is the graphics community for wiltd_blackrose

-In here you will find a mixture of icons, banners and wallpapers.

-It is a members only community, and at the moment i've decided to keep the latest entry public, but anything older will only be available to members of the community.
-Please feel free to join to view any earlier entries!

-The subjects of my icons etc. will range and vary depending on whichever celebrity, film or tv show is my latest obsession (and i do get a lot of obsessions)

-At the moment, I'm currently obsessed with the Disney Channel and their array of stars, in particular The Jonas Brothers, but also Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and the High School Musical cast.

-I also love the tv show Gossip Girl, and am starting to get into 90210 (so stay posted on that one)
-I'm really excited for Twilight to come out (I'm a big fan of the books) and I could list the films that I love, but it would take too long.

-Aside from the current major obsessions, some of my other favourite actors, actresses, movies, tv shows and bands may pop up from time to time when I'm feeling like a change, so hopefully there is a little variety going on.


-You must credit either me wiltd_blackrose or this community thatssoepic if you take or use anything.

-Leave me a comment to say what you are taking.
-Even if you aren't taking anything, please comment anyway, because I love comments and they are always appreciated!
-I'm open to requests, if there is anything you really want in particular, I am happy to oblige.

-Finally: Enjoy this community, thank you!


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